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Roast level: Light

Region: Huila

Tasting notes: dark chocolate, citrus, and sweet and savory spices

This coffee from Colombia is sure to hit the spot! This is a light roast that features notes of dark chocolate, citrus, and sweet and savory spices. We enjoy brewing our Colombian roast in a French press or with a pour-over in order to bring the most flavor out of the grounds. 

These Colombian beans are high-quality beans from small coffee producers in the region of Huila. Generous Coffee only buys specialty grade coffee which means that when you buy any other roast, you can be sure that you are getting coffee that is in the top 1% of coffee in the world.
Generous Coffee is ethically sourced coffee from all over the world. These Colombian beans support small coffee producers with sustainable practices. Through the purchase of these beans you are not only supporting the Colombian coffee farmers but you are also giving back to the nonprofit organizations that we partner with to fight injustices facing humans. We always donate 100% of profits to humanitarian organizations which means your Colombian coffee is making in impact all over the world!
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