Our mission is Generosity

Generous is a for-profit business that donates 100% of its profits to nonprofits. We like to refer to ourselves as a for-purpose business because our purpose is our driving motivation in the work that we do day to day. The nonprofits we donate to are human-focused, efficient with their funds, effective in their mission, and sustainable in their purpose.

When you buy Generous Coffee not only are you making a purposeful purchase, but you are getting some of the best coffee in the world! Our coffee is specialty grade, craft roasted, ethically sourced, clean coffee. Impactful and delicious, what more could you want from your morning brew?

We believe the easiest way to make an impact in the world is by switching your every day products to purposeful products. When you provide your customers, employees, and community with Generous Coffee you are a part of positive, sustainable change. So if you're going to serve coffee anyways, why not serve coffee that is changing lives?

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Generous Gifts

Contact us about our gift box options!

We offer premade packages or we can help you create your own box. For a special touch, customize the box with your unique branding!