Wholesale Ideas

Drinking responsibly was never made so easy

Perk up your church service, business meeting, party, or subscription box with our life-changing coffee! Allow your guests, employees, or residents to instantly feel at home with a cup of craft-roasted coffee. In addition to providing others with the highest quality coffee, you’ll be able to share the mission of Generous to give back 100% of our profits to nonprofits and purposeful organizations around the world who are creating positive change. Drinking responsibly was never made so easy. Below, you'll find some fun ideas of what you can do with our wholesale program!

Weddings and Events

Whether it’s a wedding or celebration of any kind, the perfect way to say thank you to your guests is a little bag of coffee. Not only will you introduce them to a brand they can trust, you'll give them a treat to sip on long after your event is over and spark the memories of all the fun they had from your party. Use the 5 lb bags to fill your own custom bags, or use our 4 oz pre-packaged bags!

Offices and Churches

Say goodbye to bad office coffee! Your attendees or employees need a good cup of coffee to help them feel at home while they listen to a message or work the day away. Integrating Generous as the coffee at your church service, business meeting, or main office brew allows you to easily integrate a purposeful change in everyone's daily life. Plus, you’ll be drinking some of the highest quality coffee out there!

Subscription Boxes or Gifts

We have partnered with companies who send out coffee themed gift boxes. These include everything from coffee tools, coffee snacks, and of course - coffee! Our 4 oz bags are the perfect solution to add into your gift box and give others a small taste of Generous!

Custom Bags or Labels

Add a personalized touch to your coffee by customizing the entire design of the bag or label to match your company, brand, logo, or event. You can even change the roast of the coffee to be a name that resonates with what you're using the coffee for!