Our Impact

It's YOUR Generosity That Makes This Possible


We give 100% of the profits back to life-changing partner organizations.

Below, you will find just a few of the specific stories that YOUR purchase has contributed to. These stories, and the people within them are the reason we will continue to fight the good fight and continue to give back. Check back here often as we will continually share new stories!

Fueling Our Troops

Braiden is a loyal Generous Coffee customer and reached out about his unit running low on coffee. We felt honored and privileged to be able to donate coffee to these United States Air Force Fire Fighters all the way in Saudi Arabia! Big thanks to Braiden and those in his unit for their services!

New Clinic In Despinasse, Haiti

One of our Generous Coffee Shops in Denver supports the nonprofit Serve With Love Today. Through the purchases at this shop, we were able to build a clinic that will give the community easy access to health care and health education and provide a job for the nurse who will run the clinic! 

Doorstep Drop Gifting

Generous Ambassador, Adrienne Gallagher, saw the need to encourage healthcare heroes during COVID-19. We were able to donate bags of Generous Coffee to include in her boxes to healthcare workers that were nominated! Her idea took off, and she has now received many donations. She has been able to gift over 600 masks and 200 goody boxes!

H&H Story

Each quarter we are able to donate to our main beneficiary, Humanity & Hope United, so that they can continue to do sustainable work in the villages of Honduras. Most recently, a large campaign was run to bring electricity to the village of La Cuchilla! This is huge for the people of this village who will now be safer at night, more efficient with work, and ultimately, thrive instead of survive in life!

Hannah Turgeon Campaign

Hannah Turgeon was a beautiful friend of the Generous community. She had a card making business that she used to donate the profits back to H&H and Generous to support us. Hannah tragically passed away last Fall. In her honor, we were able to dedicate our holiday sales in her name to help build a house in one of the villages in Honduras through H&H. 

Change the world every day when you take a sip of Generous Coffee.