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Ethiopian – 5lb Bag

Ethiopian – 5lb Bag

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This Ethiopian is a washed process, which is why it is so fruit-forward. You’ll find notes of berries, stone fruit, and chocolate. Refisa is a specific farming community in the West Arsi Zone. West Arsi recently gained a lot of notoriety as its own distinctive growing region because several cooperatives and farmers from the zone won the first ever Ethiopia Cup of Excellence. This specific lot was produced by SNAP Coffees, a company started by Neguesse Debela. In his past, Neguesse has worked in the Ethiopia internet and computer technology industries. Only in the last couple years following an experience at a coffee-shop in Minnesota, has Neguesse become interested in working in specialty coffee. He realized the potential for coffee to be sold abroad into the international market, and wanted to use his skills to give small farming families greater opportunities. SNAP is now one of the premier producers of coffee in Ethiopia, working with more than 5000 farmers associated with 6 distinct washing stations across Ethiopia.

Roast: Light

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