Purposeful Partnerships

Uniting together to multiply life-change.


Create jobs, improve education, generate sustainable change, and connect a community of Generous people.

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We do this by carrying out two different types of partnerships. We partner with like-minded companies who have products that fight the good fight. Their products support others, and then we sell those products to continue the ripple effect of change! The other partnerships we have are for the nonprofits and organizations that we donate our profits back to. Our main beneficiary has always been Humanity and Hope United, but each quarter we give back to at least two other organizations.

Humanity & Hope United

H&H works with three communities in Honduras, focusing not on issues, but people. They believe that opportunity creates opportunity, so they focus the majority of their time and resources to enable those they serve. The H&H mission is to empower people through self-directed, sustainable change in six key areas: infrastructure, economy, community, health, education, and leadership.

Product Partnerships


Wheelthrown stoneware that provides one weeks worth of clean water to someone in the Central African Republic through Water For Good. They have donated over one million weeks of clean water!

Allmade Apparel

Through the Global Orphan Project, each shirt is cut and sewn in Haiti by women who are paid 3-4 times the going rate. Because of these jobs, they are able to sustain their families and keep them together.

Alicia San Marcos

10% of proceeds from ASM goes back towards two nonprofits that are in Guatemala. Both nonprofits help break the cycle of poverty by providing education, nutrition, healthcare, and school programs.

Utopian Roasters

Utopian helps us achieve one-on-one relationships our coffee farmers. They also help farmers turn their cocaine farms to coffee farms - thus giving them a better life and 80% better pay.

Vida Plena

They work in the Dominican Republic to offer micro-financing, artisan trade skills, and dignified employment for mothers. This allows them to provide for their families and their children can stay in school.